Textbook of Gynaecological Oncology


Special Platinum Edition 2023

Offered in Hard Copy and USB Versions

Following the success of the previous Textbook editions, this year's special platinum edition will take this highly acclaimed publication a step further.

The new Textbook edition is designed to follow the ESGO curriculum, thus ensuring a systematical learning experience and an ideal reference for fellows in training.

In this edition, the Textbook topics will be associated with QR codes to explore related resources on ESGO's e-Academy portal easily.

The Textbook will be up-to-date with the most recent literature in the field, and new increased content which reflects the evolving needs of the community of gynae-oncologists in training.

Various recognised experts in specific fields have prepared chapters presenting the fundamental knowledge each gynaecological oncologist needs making the new Textbook a must-have for fellows and gynaecological oncologists, especially those at the beginning of their careers.


Attending ESGO 2023 Istanbul? Ordered a Textbook Copy?

Take advantage of the Textbook launch event on the first day of the Congress at the ESGO booth, and get your Textbook copy signed by one of the editors!

Textbook Editors at the event: Ali Ayhan, Anna Fagotti, Murat Gultekin, Maja Pakiz, Denis Querleu, Nicholas Reed, and Cagatay Taskıran.

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What's New in this edition?

  • New sections and specific topics based on the most recent literature
  • The structure follows the ESGO curriculum
  • The basic knowledge required for the ESGO Exam
  • QR codes within chapters to relevant ESGO eAcademy resources for further reading



Textbook Sections

The Textbook has been systematically divided into 13 general topics and 9 specific chapters, including:


1. Anatomy, pathology and staging 1. Ovarian, tubal peritoneal cancer
2. Tumour biology and immunology 

3. Clinical cancer genetics and prevention

2. Uterine cancer 

3. Cervical cancer

4. Diagnostics in gynae oncology 4. Vaginal cancer
5. General principles of gynae onco surgery 5. Vulvar cancer
6. General principles of abdominal, urologic, and plastic / reconstructive surgery 6. Gestational trophoblastic disease
7. Perioperative care 7. Fertility sparing treatment
8. Systemic treatment 8. Cancer in pregnancy
9. Radiotherapy 9. Gynae cancer in paediatric population
10. Follow up  
11. Palliative care  
12. Communication, collaboration, clinical and personal audit  
13. Research and publication  


Interested in getting your copy of the new Textbook edition?

Order a hard copy or the USB version of the Textbook as you register for the ESGO 2023 Congress and pick it up in Istanbul, Türkiye. Please note that no purchase will be available after the Congress.

Planning to take the ESGO Exam in 2025? Then this Textbook will be a primary resource!

Textbook Printed / USB Version
(in EUR, including 18% VAT)
  • Textbook - printed copy 
for ESGO members 100 € / 200 € (On-site rate*)
for non-members 250 € / 400 € (On-site rate*)
  • Textbook - USB 
for ESGO members 25 € / 40 € (On-site rate*)
for non-members 40 € / 55 € (On-site rate*)


* On-site rates are valid from Sept 11, 2023

The number of copies at the on-site rate will be limited and available until all copies are sold out.


Pre-order Your Textbook Copy Now!

Don't miss this timely opportunity to purchase a hardcopy or USB copy as you register for ESGO 2023!

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ESGO is extremely proud to be associated with this unique publication and acknowledges the support and effort of all those who have been involved in the production of this Textbook. We are extremely grateful to all contributing authors for their contributions and to the editors for their tireless effort and enthusiasm in putting the Textbook together.

We would also like to thank the Turkish Society of Gynaecological Oncology for their support and endorsement. Our big thank also goes to the ESGO eAcademy editors for their sustained work on finding the most appropriate content to be linked with each chapter.


Special Thanks to the Textbook Working Group

Prof. Ali Ayhan, Türkiye, Prof. Anna Fagotti, Italy, Prof. Denis Querleu, France, Prof. Murat Gultekin, Türkiye, Dr. Hüseyin Akıllı, Türkiye, Prof. Cagatay Taskiran, Türkiye, Assist. Prof. Maja Pakiz, Slovenia, Prof. Nicolas Reed, UK, Dr. Agnieszka Rychlik, Poland, Dr. Aleksandra Strojna, Germany, Dr. Nicolo Bizzari, Italy, and Dr. Timoleon Dagres, Greece.

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