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› ESGO Congress: A Global Stage of Gynaecological Oncology Best Practice and Research


A new era of spring congresses has begun for ESGO!

The 25th European Congress on Gynaecological Oncology kicks off with an exciting 4-day programme on March 7, 2024.

This year's congress will highlight the latest clinical and scientific developments in gynaecological cancers, with more than 50 scientific sessions delivered by renowned international experts focusing on a variety of topics driving research, treatment and care forward.

Don't miss the very best of gynaecological oncology practice and research, latest findings, practical take-home messages and a wealth of knowledge for your daily practice.

Join us in iconic city of Barcelona for ESGO 2024, the largest gathering in the field of gynaecological oncology!

› ESGO 2024 Programme: More Opportunities to Advance Your Knowledge

  • Live surgery performed from Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona where you can again assess three different surgical perspectives.
  • Exclusive State of the Art Sessions in the treatment of gynaecological tumours following the ESGO clinical guidelines
  • Debates Sessions on hot controversial topics
  • Practice-changing Trials in 2023/2024: update on the scientific advances in the results of the latest clinical trials that are changing daily practice.
  • Current options for sparing fertility treatment
  • Latest advances in chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy
  • New Emerging Pathways and Targeted Treatments in gynaecological cancers
  • Most recent translational research, including biomarkers, liquid biopsies, and antibody-drug conjugates.
  • Video Sessions of the latest Surgical and Imaging Techniques
  • Tumour Board Sessions
  • Oral Presentations of the best abstracts
  • ENYGO Programme designed for young gynaecological oncologists
  • 3-day Patient Advocacy Seminar organised by ENGAGe

and much more...

Topics will include the newest aspects in (molecular) diagnostics, surgical, radiotherapeutic and medical concepts, as well as tailored strategies at the time of diagnosis and recurrent disease.

Surgical approaches have been subjected to changes and individualisation, based on both tumour characteristics and patients’ needs.

Improved knowledge about tumour biology and the implementation of new biomarkers has led to new trends of personalised medicine and the selection of patients for individualised treatment.


Interested to find out more? The ESGO 2024 programme, searchable by speaker and topics, will be available soon.

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Scientific Programme Highlights


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