ESGO 2024 Scientific Programme


Programme at a Glance

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ESGO 2024 Session Types

  • State-of-the-Art (SOA) Session 

Educational lectures presenting new ESGO Guidelines or updates by two or three leading experts. 


  • Debates (DEBs) 

Interactive sessions that offer a sparkling and engaging discussion on controversial issues. Two speakers present an opposite opinion (proponent/opponent) on the given topic. 

The discussions are moderated by a chairperson, who concludes the session with a balanced conclusion.


  • Scientific Sessions (SCS) 

The SCS provide a critical review of diverse aspects of a specific topic. A discussion follows each lecture. 


  • Video Sessions (VS)

The VS feature educational presentations that showcase practical skills, surgical approaches, and diagnostic procedures. Each session is chaired by an expert who presents a video. In addition, the program is composed of 4 video presentations submitted as abstracts. 


  • Tumour Board (TB) 

An interactive educational session chaired by three experts representing different disciplines. The experts present clinical cases, which panelists comment on and discuss with the audience. 


  • Workshops (WSs)

Interactive sessions designed to train practical skills.


  • Meet the Expert (ME) 

A meeting between renowned experts and participants. It represents an opportunity to discuss topics within a narrow field of interest in a small group. 


  • Round Tables (RTs) 

RTs provide an opportunity to discuss specific topics in an interactive setting.


  • Live Surgery (LS) 

LS is a unique scientific session format allowing the audience to watch live surgeries from European hospitals of excellence using different techniques with commentary by experts in the auditorium. Leading figures on the European scene will perform these surgeries.


  • Best Oral (BO) Session

The session consists of 4 presentations of 10 minutes each selected from submitted abstracts by the Scientific Committee and lectures of invited discussants with Q&A at the end of each presentation.


  • Mini Oral (MO) Session

The session features 8 presentations of 5 minutes each selected from submitted abstracts by the Scientific Committee, followed by Q&A at the end of each presentation.


  • Best Three-minute (BTM) Session 

This special session includes 12 presentations lasting 3 minutes each, followed by a Q&A.


  • Young Investigator (YI) Session 

A special session dedicated to young scientists under the age of 40, consisting of 9 presentations selected by the Scientific Committee and followed by a Q&A at the end of each presentation. The best-selected research study will be awarded at the Closing Ceremony.

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