ESGO 2017 Congress Quiz

Put Your Knowledge of Key Medical History facts,

Scientific Practice and World Experts To The Test

and you could Win a free registration

to the ESGO 2017 congress in Vienna!


All 3 Congress Quiz rounds are now open until June 30, 2017!

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Each quiz round features a set of multiple choice questions to test your medical and congress related knowledge.

Every time you choose correctly, you will win a point.

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You can take the quiz as many times as you want.

Quiz Guidelines

1. There will be 3 rounds of quizzes until June 30th. The first quiz opens on May 22, the second quiz opens on June 5th and the third quiz opens on June 19th.

Each of the rounds will have three questions, two medical/scientific related and one related to the congress speakers. 

2. The congress team will collect all the names of the participants who submitted correct answers to all 3 questions for each quiz round, and prepare them for a draw.

3. Quiz participants will proceed to the final draw only if he/she sent correct answers to all 3 quiz rounds questions.

4. The main prize, free registration for the ESGO 2017 Congress in Vienna will be raffled after the 3rd round.

5. The President of ESGO will conduct the draw.

6. The deadline for 3rd quiz round is June 30, 2017. The draw will be made during the first week of July, 2017.


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