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When enjoying the opportunities to learn and network at ESGO 2023, you’ll also have the chance to explore the myriad delights of Istanbul, a major city in Türkiye, and one of the oldest cities in the world. A marvellous place that is rich with history, bridging Europe to Asia and harbouring many civilizations from the beginning.

Istanbul has many assets that make it a stunning and interesting destination and the perfect backdrop to ESGO 2023.


›Istanbul- a dream city

Istanbul, which formerly belonged to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, offers a fascinating centuries-long history for anyone with a romantic streak or an interest in history.

Located between the Black Sea and Marmara Sea and with the Bosphorus straight cutting through its center, Istanbul is the only city in the world standing upon two continents, Asia and Europe, with the perfect blend of cultures and heritage from both sides.


›Istanbul- city of culture

As host to many different cultures and civilisations as well as to people of various races, religions, cultures and languages throughout the ages, Istanbul represents a unique collection of historical monuments and has always preserved its cosmopolitan feel. Istanbul is as much a world capital now as it was in the past.


The city’s landmarks include the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges, the Golden Horn or Haliç, seperating the historcal Istanbul, the Sultanahmet area from the modern city.

Istanbul's must-see attractions encompass mosques, bazaars, churches and museums witnessing the history.

Istanbul City Map can be downloaded from

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